The Foundation

Nucleus 9 Foundation was established 21-12-2012 in The Netherlands. Its purpose is to share an ancient view on ourselves and the world/cosmos that surrounds us by open source distribution of (ancient) wisdom. This alternative perspective offers the necessary insights to facilitate resolution of personal and global issues in a wide variety of areas.

The foundation tries to realize this purpose by development of ideas, concepts, demonstration models and pilots and when necessary innovative means of aid. Returns will be used to facilitate the creation of a revolving fund in order to stimulate bridge building activities around the globe.


The Cosmos is One in its Multiplicity. It uses an energetic fractal building principle based on balance, simplicity and cooperation to experience in an energetically most optimal way. At the basis of the manifesting multiplicity one single simple mathematically defined blueprint or mould. This is known as the Source Code. This mould manifests as the spiral and vortex.

When the ‘Oneness of All that Is’ is forgotten about, this often results in a very destructive imbalance. Yet the Cosmos always strives for a return to a state of balance. At the highest level this state is known as ‘Hieros Gamos’, the Holy Matrimony of the Feminine and Masculine, and as Neutrality or Silence out of which all Movement arises and returns to.



Ancient wisdom shows natural order with obvious, high efficient patterns reflected in frequencies and related numbers. Understanding this blueprint gives a society the ability to create peace and abundance for all. Global reintroduction of these Cosmic or Hermetic Principles will allow for a transformation of both spiritual and scientific assumptions on which Mankind has built its current destructive reality. This transformation will then both at an individual and a collective level lead to more refined insights that will trigger other behavior and therewith result in another reality. “Another Sound, Another World”.

Nucleus 9 uses this ancient wisdom to facilitate game changing insights with impact and a distinctive harmonious result. New roads and harmonious alternatives for people, businesses and societies across the globe.


To manifest and give shape to these Cosmic Principles using the already available earlier created pieces of the puzzle in combination with new insights to offer Mankind an alternative for its current dominant way of thinking and acting with as result a balanced world that will know peace and abundance for all. Using other perspectives to offer solutions for problems that have all been created by ourselves.

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Nucleus 9 Source Code Math

To appreciate the innovative capacity of Nucleus 9 it is essential (and also real fun) to learn some simple Cosmic Source Code Mathematics. Here are the profound characteristics of this math: a child can perform this math. Number sequences such as the spiral creating Fibonacci sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13…) or any other sequence (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12…) demonstrate divine order, a perfect balance and rhythm. This is the graceful balance of Nature’s 9 based system. Order and rhythm is revealed by applying numeric math. In numeric math all numbers are returned to the 9 initial numbers. This is done by numeric addition e.g., 11=2, 18=9. The number zero in numerical math only plays a role to make things larger or smaller but it has no specific characteristics.

Whereas continuous additions create ever larger (linear) numbers, the ratio of two consecutive numbers within any spiraling sequence approaches the Golden Mean (Phi=1.6180339….). Seeming chaos tends to natural order. The natural tendency to gravitate to the Golden Mean (Divine Ratio) is present in all processes in Nature. This tendency represents Nature’s optimization principles for flow and shows that chaotic events are based on an unseen perfect order. The Golden Mean is the sacred key to bio-mimicry, the science of mimicking nature. Uneven numbers represent the male identity, even numbers female identity. The number Nine, having both characteristics as can be derived from the spiral sequence, represents neutrality, known as silence and non-duality, the divine unity of the masculine and feminine, One-ness.

Numeric math applied to Prime Numbers reveals a perfect order and a striking simplicity. All unique numbers are connected in neutrality. Everything is vibrating energy. Vibration is frequency.

Frequency is information ergo Consciousness. Consciousness is expressed through numbers. Numbers can be organized into shape, pattern and form. To the best of our knowledge Nucleus 9 is the first company to discover the natural algorithm that creates Prime Numbers. The rediscovery of the Divine 9 algorithms has enabled Gert Kramer to create Divine 9 Music, the ‘Music of the Spheres’. Divine 9 Music is ‘audible light in which science and spirituality unite’. Divine 9 Music is now embracing the world. It touches upon and connects all energy centers and reveals the Soul’s divinity.

The Nucleus 9’Science-by-Nature’ Innovations are primarily based on Divine math and spiraling-vortex-motion, representing nature’s basic shape for efficient non-linear optimization of any flow moving from A to B.

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Divine 9 Music

The Divine 9 Tuning was created by Gert Kramer to show that we all by design have a choice in the sphere that we create around us by choosing the tone we use in our interaction with the world around us. By creating an alternative for the equal temperament used in the Western part of the world for centuries, people can now experience how different spheres have different effects on their Being.

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Revolving fund

Nucleus 9 foundation shares vision and insights to rethink, reinvent and redesign business processes and products for harmonic results and higher efficiency. We foster growth and drive transformation by bridging business, science by nature and design skills.

Occasionally an investment is needed to start an innovation process from scratch, through R&D and business idea to a viable business plan & pilot model. To that respect we wish to found a revolving fund.

The Nucleus9 fund is raised by Nucleus9 friends, participants, sponsors and silent partners. It enables Nucleus9 to start up or participate in promising ideas and business plans brought to the attention of Nucleus9 by young entrepreneurs, visionary engineers or bright designers.

You are wholeheartedly and sincerely welcome to join, invest, participate, support our project teams in the development of the project ideas.

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Nucleus 9 foundation shares vision and insights to rethink, reinvent and redesign your inner and outer reality for a harmonic and balanced result and higher efficiency.

We foster growth and drive transformation by bridging business, science by nature and design skills.


Gert Kramer

GertGert Kramer is a Shifting Insights creator and founder and chairman of Nucleus 9. South African and Dutch by birth and a Cosmic Citizen by choice he studied Civil Engineering at Delft University of Technology. Gert has lived and worked as a international business consultant for many years to then direct his own company in fashion and swimwear. Since 2009 Gert decided to pursue his own path in order to find an answer on the existential questions of Life in order to facilitate the creation of another more refined world known in ancient times among other names as ‘the new Jerusalem’.

Gert lives in Doorn, the Netherlands, where he challenges Mankindʼs current basic and often implicit assumptions and facilitates the finding of practical solutions for current day problems by sharing his Cosmic Insights.

His fundamental belief is that “All is One and One is in All”. All is Energy having a vibration that carries with it information/emotion and can be seen as Consciousness. By Its design principles the One that is in All is always in perfect Balance, finite in Its construct yet infinite in Its manifestations.

“Know how to make music then you know Life Itself” is one of his statements. Another one is that “a person who conquers himself is stronger than he who takes a city”.

Jeroen Bogaers

Jeroen Bogaers2Jeroen Bogaers loves nature and is a sensitive person, who is guided in his actions by his sense supported by his ratio. His strength lies in structuring and in simplifying complex processes. He is a graduate accountant whose career started at KPMG in 1984. He worked with KPMG for 10 years, then as a financial controller for four years after which he worked until 2007 as an independent financial adviser. Since 2007 he has been CFO of Libra Energy BV, an international customer-focused wholesale company in the solar energy.

His motto is: “Life is a nice and long study with which one becomes increasingly more and more himself”.


Nucleus 9 Foundation shares vision and insights to rethink, reinvent and redesign business processes and products for harmonic results and higher efficiency.
We foster growth and drive transformation by bridging business, science by nature and design skills.

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We also offer co-ops and internships to business, science and design students looking for a unique experience to apply their skills to the strategic innovation process. For more information, e-mail us.

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